Thursday, July 14, 2005

first entry

let me start off by saying that, yes the picture on the right is me. i suppose this is just as good as LJ, perhaps a tad better, but i won't know that until i've been on here for a little while. i want to change my layout, i really didnt like any of the generic ones that this site provided for me, but oh well. i'm not sure why i decided to start a new blog. i've used livejournal for so long that this new transition is a bit strange. i do like the fact that you can upload pictures right onto your post instead of having to upload them to another site like photobucket and copy and paste the coding. it saves me the trouble, and i like short-cuts so hooray for that. i guess my boyfriend talked me into switching to blogger. he recently started one after switching from LJ as well, and since im a mindless follower i thought i would try and do the same. i still intend to update my LJ every chance i get, theres no way i could leave my friends hanging. i like how LJ has privacy settings too. i really havent noticed an option to change an entry "friends only" or "private." once i look around im sure something will come up.

anyways, enough of complaining. its freezing in my office and i'm listening to U2 "in the name of love" on Q101. life couldnt get any better, except for the measly fact that my ass is sitting at a desk alongside two huge piles of invoices that i haven't even begun to sort through. i am eating a blueberry muffin though, and therefore i am happy. no matter how many piles of papers my boss intends to throw at me, as long as i have some sort of morning nurishment i am good to go.

so im being pretty boring right now. i can assure everyone who has stumbled across my page that i'm really not. i do complain a l
ot though, so thats something to look forward to in future posts.


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