Tuesday, July 26, 2005

entertainment tonight is destroying our world

"Live 8 is not meant to be a re-creation of Live Aid ... the shows are not intended to raise money, but rather raise awareness of poverty in developed nations."

ok, but now that we are fully aware that people in africa are suffering, maybe take some of that money from ticket sales to actually take care of these people instead of using that money to "raise awareness" by paying off these d-bag performers. these bands weren't actually paid, but given gift bags full of ipods, xm radios, gibson guitars and designer jewelry and clothing...etc. can you believe the world is falling for such dumb ideas? and people actually thinking its a great heartfelt idea.

the world is growing stupid thanks to liberal media pretending to give a shit. just the other night, i heard on the NBC nightly news that they were looking for someone to blame for the heat wave. A HEAT WAVE? are you going to blame a cloud? its typical liberal bullshit to point the finger and i'm sick of hearing it. man up, and give us something to learn from. its the same shit with all these celebrities telling us who to vote for. guess what julia roberts? i dont care about you... at all. dont use your status to sucker weak minds into believing you. why should we care? why do we look up to these people? its all fake. look at magic johnson. didn't he have AIDS like 15 years ago? so shouldn't he be dead by now? great, lets have bono perform more shows in south africa raising 45 million dollars for AIDS awareness because everyone forgot about AIDS.

we've strayed far from the way life used to be. waaaaaaaaay too far and i fear the future. the native americans lived everyday to be content with themselves. and we live to get more and more and more. so much more that we've become obsessed with being better than everyone else rather than being content with having enough.

and speaking of which, girls these days are never content. :) they want everything to be perfect. and guess what? it never will be. so stop picking out names of your children before you have them and live your life for what it is now.


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